How to Pick the Right Refrigerator for your Space with Frigidaire Professional

If you’ve ever purchased a appliance for a remodel or new home, only to learn after getting it into your house it’s the wrong size, style, or fit (guilty!), you know when it comes to something like a refrigerator, you want to get it right the first time.


In this final installment of my collaboration with Frigidaire Professional, we teamed up to show you how to pick the right refrigerator for your space.


There is a lot to consider when selecting a refrigerator.  Counter-depth or standard depth?  What finish?  How will you get it into your house?


If you follow this simple method, you’re sure to get the perfect fit the first time.  I break it all down for you in this video:

Be sure you check out the step-by-step instructions before ordering your appliances.

I had so much fun working with Frigidaire Professional on this informative and fun series.  I hope it inspired you to tackle those kitchen projects you’ve had on your to-do list for a while.  You can see the rest of the series below:

DIY Kitchen Backsplash

DIY Open Shelves

Faux Roman Shade


*This post was sponsored by Frigidaire Professional

**Video/Photography by James Young and yours truly


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  1. Haley Hill says:

    Do you know what type and color of countertops these are?! Thanks!