A Simple Hostess Gift

I’m always looking for simple gifts to keep on hand for hostess gifts, birthdays, neighbor thank you’s, etc.  I needed to put together a birthday gift, and Wayfair asked me to come up with a DIY hostess gift as part of their Guest with the Best campaign.  Win-win!


I’m mildly obsessed with fabric stamping.  Using vegetables or fruit is a bonus because you usually have them on hand, and they’re so inexpensive.  For this project, I needed only a few supplies.  A paper plate, craft paint that can be used on fabric, a plain white dish cloth, a paper grocery sack, an apple, and a fork.


I like the Martha Stewart multi-surface satin acrylic paint.  I’ve used it on a ba-jillion different projects.

Lay the cloth out on the grocery sack to protect your counter from the paint.


Cut the apple in half, and stick a fork in it.  Kind of like “put a bird on it.”  Tell me you all get that.


The rest is pretty simple.  Use the apple as a stamp, and put in whatever pattern you want.  This could also work great with potatoes, artichokes, etc.

IMG_9353 IMG_9355

Once it’s dry, tie it up pretty with some serving utensils and bam.  Instant simple gift.



Pretty darn cute, if you ask me.  And practical.  And inexpensive.  I think I might whip up a bunch and just keep them on hand.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!  I spent it at the Las Vegas Design Market working on something really exciting.  Look for some announcements on upcoming projects soon.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


*this post was sponsored by Wayfair

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  1. I miss your posts about interior design. These sponsored posts of yours lately are cute DIYs and nice to watch. But what about those other rooms in your new house? What about your client projects? I sincerely miss those posts. I am always checking in on your blog every few days, because I hope for them. =) And lately its mostly sponsored stuff and less content about styled rooms and those kind of projects. You have such a unique style, which is so inspiring! I know you have a lot on your plate right now with having a baby and everything. So no hard feelings =) I understand when things are busy and things fall of the table. I hope you are doing fine and things are going well!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback, Lea! I miss them too– and I’m gearing up for more reveals and design/diy posts now that our new company is officially launched. It was quite the venture! xxxx

  2. This is such a great idea!! And so simple too!!! I am so going to try this!!

  3. I love your blog!! You are amazing and so creative!!

    May i beg a favor? The light colors you have chosen on your blog are really difficult to see on hand held devices such as phones. Any chance that you could pick darker colors?

    Thank you! Duck

  4. love this for a cute co-worker gift!! where did u find the wood utensils? thanks 🙂