Sugar Plum Fairy Party 2016

Last year we started a new annual holiday tradition: a Sugar Plum Fairy Party for our girls and their friends.  Since Anna and now Vivie are a bit too little to participate, it’s mostly Ruby and her girlfriends.  It’s quickly become one of our favorite parties of the year.  Here’s a look at this year’s gathering: img_9684 img_9691

The Sugar Plum Fairy greeted each girl at the door, then taught them some steps from her famous routine. They were mesmerized.  I snapped a few photos of each girl with the star of the party.


   img_9674   img_9664 img_9660



The rest of the party was spent dancing, decorating cookies, and playing pretend.  I kept it pretty simple this year, as we were coming off a terrible bout of sickness (with a newborn in tow).  I used pre-made sugar cookies from the grocery store, and tubs of frosting.  Guess what?  The kids had every bit as much fun as if I had slaved over homemade sugar cookies.

img_9642 img_9641 img_9640


You can see last year’s gathering HERE.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve!


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