It’s a WONDERful Halloween 2017

I can’t believe the big night is almost here!  This year has flown by it seems.  Speaking of flying… and all things super…

Anna asked to dress up as Wonder Woman clear back in July.  Ruby quickly jumped on board and soon, I was putting together three Wonder Women!  First, my big 5-year-old, Ruby:

I found Ruby’s main costume, wrist bands, headband, and cape on Etsy from several sellers.  The socks I found on Amazon, and the shoes and rope are from Target.

Wonder Woman, 2-year-old Anna is up next:

Anna’s dress is from Gap, wrist bands and headband from Etsy, socks from Amazon, shoes and rope from Target.

And finally, our Wonder Baby, Vivie!  She was by far the most difficult to photograph, as evidenced by the crying photo.


Her outfit is actually a swimsuit from Gap.  It runs very small so be sure to size up.  Shoes are Freshly Picked, leg warmers from Amazon.  Headband and wristbands from Etsy.

Oh how I love these three little ladies!  Jon and I will surely be well protected come Halloween night.


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