A Welcome Warm Addition to the Patio

Hello, hello.  Where have I been, you may be asking?  We’ve been pushing to get the house finished and as a result I’ve been single-parenting it while Jon has been working at his job and at the house non-stop.  Soon I’ll do a post about the craziness that is renovating/having a baby/running a design business/raising a toddler/being a lawyer but today, I’m sharing a rare relaxing moment we recently enjoyed with family, testing out our new patio.


2015-06-14 19.03.33

After putting together the gorgeous patio furniture, Birch Lane, a great online retailer, reached out to me about adding in a few entertaining pieces.  First, a fire pit.  I always knew I wanted some kind of fire situation out there and this copper beauty won me over immediately.


I love having cold drinks on hand for guests and this beverage tub is brilliant.  No more bending over to grab a bevy.  Love.

2015-06-14 18.53.27

We also used these lovely trays to serve up some s’mores supplies.

2015-06-14 18.50.57

It was such a fun evening with cousins and Ruby’s first outdoor s’mores experience.

2015-06-14 18.52.51Looking forward to many more summer nights of fun to come.

Fire pit | Beverage Tub | Aluminum Trays All c/o Birch Lane

See more of the patio makeover phase 1.


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  1. Your patio looks great! I almost wish that mine looked like that. How it sits right now is crumbling concrete with some chairs and a small fire pit. It works, but it isn’t pretty. Also, did you have a picture showing your whole patio?