DIY Faux Flowers (video)

Hello everyone!  Hope you’re having a wonderful week.  Sometimes you just need an easy craft project and that’s what I’m sharing today– an easy and inexpensive project that will have you never wanting to buy a faux flower arrangement again.


I love flowers in my home.  I wish I had a personal florist who would water and check on and switch out fresh flowers daily like a hotel (wouldn’t that be the life!) but instead, I usually mix real and faux arrangements.  In my kitchen I wanted a large arrangement for the island but after pricing some, I thought I could make one for a lot less.  Today I’m showing you how to make these DIY faux flowers.

I get asked about this arrangement all the time– everyone wants to know where I got it, or sometimes people touch it because they think it’s real.  You can whip these babies up in under an hour– here is how, via video.

Video/Editing: James Young

This technique works for so many different types of arrangements.  I’m always keeping an eye out for pretty faux flowers!


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  1. Michelle in Michigan says:

    This arrangement is beautiful and sooo easy. What is the best way you have found to keep artificial flowers and plants clean?

  2. Loved this! Definitely going to try this out. Can you tell me where your adorable mint top is from? I love it!!

  3. I love it! Could you tell me where you bought your flowers?

  4. What craft store did you get your peonies at I’ve searched and searched for big ones like that.

  5. They’re lovely. Great tutorial. Thank you, Jen!!

  6. Hi,

    How big is the round vase and do you remember how large the flowers are? (trying to buy online)

    • Hi there! I’m sorry, I don’t remember but they were on the larger size. Large peonies and the bowl was like a fish bowl size. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading!


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