The Door Before Drawing Giveaway

I have the most lovely addition to my home decor– a personalized drawing of our home.  A little while ago, Geralyn Adams, a budding artist kicking off her new company The Door Before, contacted me and asked if she could draw my home.  After seeing her beautiful work it didn’t take me long to say yes.

I sent her this photo of the outside of our house:

exterior with numbers blurred

She got to work drawing it and I got this beautiful piece of art in the mail:

IMG_4262 IMG_4265 IMG_4266 IMG_4267

Isn’t it so special?  I love it.  I’m trying to decide what type of frame I want for it and where to hang it, so for now it’s hanging out on my bookshelf.

And good news, friends– Geralyn is giving away one custom home drawing to one lucky withHEART reader!

To enter:

1)  Leave a comment here telling me what you love most about your home

Additional entries:

1)  follow @thedoorbefore on Instagram

2)  follow @jenniferstagg on Instagram

Enter by Wednesday at midnight– winner announced Thursday!  Good luck!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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  1. Loooove this Jen. How awesome! I love so many things about our new home, but mostly I love all its original details and character. Its so charming and perfectly sized.

    Already follow you on IG.

    Just clicked to follow her.

    Thanks Jen!

  2. Tisha Welday says:

    We moved into a 1926 Craftsman in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus almost a year ago. It’s been a labor of love, but it is slowly becoming our dream home. What I loved most about this house from the moment I saw it is the big, beautiful front porch. I’ve enjoyed decorating it this summer and making it additional living space for us. Our neighbors have been exceptionally welcoming and it’s lovely to have them pass by and join me on the porch seating for a drink and a chat. I’m hoping that this will be our forever house and would love to have a piece of art that showcases the front of our home and what I love most about it.

  3. so cute! i love the fact that we own our first home!

  4. What I love most about my home is that it’s my first! My husband and I just bought our very first home together and I’m looking forward to all the memories we’ll make.

  5. Camie Sund says:

    I love that my house became a home as we have created all of our memories, brought my babies home, enjoyed the holidays etc. I would love love love to have one of the amazing drawings!
    P.s. I am an insta follower 😉

  6. All of the light and the garden.

  7. Christine says:

    What I love most about my house – the people inside 🙂

  8. Ah! I would love to win – we just bought our home in May! My favorite thing so far is the kitchen – cooking dinners in there together and having friends over to eat and drink wine with us is the best!

  9. So sweet!

    This is totally cliche, but what I love most about my home truly is who I share it with. Otherwise, I’m grateful for the openness between the kitchen and family room.

  10. Anna Bates says:

    I love this idea and I would love to win to memorialize the first home my husband and I bought together and had our first baby in. Since we will be moving in the bear future it would be awesome to take a piece of it with us to have forever.

  11. Following both of you! I would really love a sketch of my house!! I love our amazing views of the Salt Lake Valley from our house!

  12. I love our 1956 midcentury modern home, surrounded by trees, a pond, and a park, but only a half mile from downtown. Best of both worlds!

  13. Christina B says:

    I love the kitchen, especially our big island that my kids and I have breakfast at together every day.

  14. What I love best, the people I share it with. Don’t get me wrong. I love designer pillows and architectural details are my love language. But at the end of the day I realize the backpacks on the floor and the handprints on the glass mean my kids are home. Without my people this would just be a house.

  15. I love the landscaping the most about my home. I hired a friend to design the outside landscape for me, and then after her work came back, I installed everything. I’ve loved watching the trees and flowers grow for the last couple of years!

  16. the front of my house. i just think it looks so welcoming. i love it!

  17. Ashley Flowers says:

    I would love to win this. I’ve seen this before over at Brickyard Buffalo and wanted to do one of my Grandmothers home who has just passed, so this giveaway would be perfect!. Her lovely 70’s inspired home is unfortunately up on the market and I would love to have a beautiful drawing like this for a keepsake of her lovely home to remind me of all the great times and memories that were shared there as a family. Something for us to keep, since we actually can’t keep her home… I’m praying I win!…

  18. We just love having a fireplace for the first time. Mind you we moved to Texas to finally have one in our home–one of my musts when we bought a home–and we can’t use it for very long in the “winter”–but we love it so much when we can and we love it just to look at it the rest of the year. It is fun to decorate too…

  19. We have only been in our new home for a year, so I am still in the honeymoon phase of loving so many things about it. I love it’s 1948 post-war/mid-century style, the big pool, and the split floor plan (perfect for my tween and teen). I’d love to have a drawing of it!

  20. My favorite thing about my home is the people in it!

  21. JB Richards says:

    I love our yard. We have a big tree in the front yard that give great shade and makes it pretty comfortable to play and hang out.

  22. Veronica Reeve says:

    So fun! Crossing my fingers I win! My favorite place in my house is my bonus room – I love having a place to stash all the kids toys and a place for them to play when it’s cold outside.

  23. Heidi jones says:

    I love that my dad built our home

  24. my family, any home without them wouldn’t be home.

  25. I love our kitchen! It has built in everything! I never expected our first home to have my “dream” kitchen, but it does! It just meant I had to compromise a bedroom to get it!

  26. coasterkim says:

    How cute! I need to do this for my husband for Christmas. We just bought our first home in May so what do I love about our home…..that we have one! It’s so amazing to be homeowners and I just love everything about it, even the ugly old vintage kitchen!

  27. My new kitchen/greatroom!

  28. What I love most about my home is the people I share it with!

  29. Ashleigh hall says:

    I love the picture she did of your house!! What a fabulous idea! I love this and can’t wait to see my home in a drawing like that! I love the clean simple lines and contrast between a deep grey and crisp white trim on our home!! Would be so fun to see in a drawing!

  30. We are about five years into our first home and I love it because it has been the backdrop to everything I care about most in my life. We bought in together, renovated it together and have brought home our two sweet boys to it. I want to remember it forever!

  31. Ashleigh hall says:

    I follow the The Door Before on instagram! andyashleigh

  32. Ashleigh hall says:

    I am following you on Instagram! andyashleigh

  33. My family, without them it’s just a building filled with things. They are what make my home most special to me!

  34. The thing I love most about our home is that it is where we brought home our daughters for the first time.

  35. Katy Reuter says:

    Our home is a work in progress! I love our family room where we all hang out!

  36. Pamela H. says:

    I love, love my dark green metal roof!

  37. Holly Smith says:

    I love our yard! My husband has worked really hard over the years to make it beautiful! i would love a drawing of our home! Following both!

  38. There’s many great things about our new home, but my favorite is the family I share it with & making all of our sweet memories 🙂

  39. We love our property–how peaceful and quiet it is here

  40. I love it!

  41. What I love most about our home is that it’s where our kids came home from the hospital. Those early memories are a very special part of our home!

  42. We love most about our home the feeling of security and comfort it helps us give to our 6 children.

  43. I love the trees behind our house. We picked our lot specifically because of them and it makes me forget we live in a “cookie cutter” subdivision.

  44. Following Thedoorbefore on IG.

  45. Following you on IG!

  46. I love everything about my home! I bought it (my first!) about a month ago, and it’s so wonderful to have something that is *mine*, rather than renting. It’s spacious, bright and airy, has vintage charm…the list goes on and on. Do I have to pick just one thing? I would love to have one of those drawings to commemorate the special occasion. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. I love our home because it is our first home that we bought together. I love the memories we make in our home!

  48. I love my living room – it’s bright, cheery, and homey all at the same time!

  49. I love the fact that it’s our first home and that it has a fenced-in yard for my puppy, Ruby Sue!

  50. We live in a lovely neighborhood that I can hear the neighbor’s chickens when I sit on the back porch. Peaceful!

  51. I love having outdoor space– for a garden, for grilling, and for just generally enjoying the weather!

  52. Love our new home. Its where we paint the walls to match our style. Where we watch our children grow up. Where we lovingly pay attention to the details inorder to make it our home apart of our family.

  53. Would love one of the new house!

  54. My husband and I bought our first home a 1980s colonial just over a year ago. My favorite part of our home has been seeing it slowly transform to match our personalities and styles. From swapping out old brass door knobs and hinges to completing a DIY bathroom renovation we are making our first house a home day by day.

  55. I love my homes angled flat roof!

  56. I love my view from my backyard!


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