Easy Art: Framed Fabric (video)

Hello everyone!  Today I’m sharing another project I used in the Better Homes and Gardens Style Challenge: framed fabric.

When I was brainstorming ideas for the gallery wall, I knew I wanted to add in something full of color to set the tone for the space.  I was chatting with my dear friend, Kirsten Krason of 6th Street Design School, and she suggested framing fabric.  Brilliant!  In fact, she was so generous she let me raid her fabric sample collection which is basically the mecca of designer fabric swatches.  She’s a generous one.

I ended up choosing Imperial Pheasant in the Vintage/Multi color way.  It’s so lovely.  Check out the project below.

Video/Editing: James Young

Tomorrow I’m showing you where we are living for the next 6-ish months during our big remodel and it’s presented a whole new slew of challenges.

Have a wonderful rest of the the week!


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  1. Love this idea. Simple enough to do.