Home Tour: Playroom and Study Area (video)

Hello everyone!  Hope you’re having a wonderful week.  I thought we were going to make it through the winter cough free, but Ruby has come down with the icky virus that’s going around and we’ve been out of commission since Saturday night.  Boo.

Today I’m sharing a space that will likely be Ruby’s favorite in the new/old house– the playroom and study area.  Some would call this a den.  If we were kid-free, I would likely make this a pretty office, but it’s perfect for a playroom hangout.  The central location, big window (we’re making it a tad bigger than it is now), and close proximity to the kitchen/living area made me immediately think it would be the playroom.  We miss our playroom made out of our formal dining space in our last home so so much– our rental just doesn’t have the space for it– so I’m sure this will be a welcome addition once we move in.

Take at look at the dark and drab “before”:

Video/Editing: James Young

I have some fun things planned for this room.  I want to make it whimsical and age appropriate for my toddler and her soon-to-be little sister, but also mature as it will be one of the first rooms people see when they walk in.

We’re winding down on the before room reveals and then I’ll start sharing the construction process that is well underway.  We’ve already run into a few snags, which is to be expected I suppose.  Can you say no roof in a snowstorm?  Yeesh.

Stay tuned!


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  1. What a great space Jen. After the door and window upgrades that space is going to be so airy and just wonderful. The perfect place for Ruby and the baby to grow and play together.