House Update: We’re Nearly There (video)

While I was recovering from delivery with Anna, a lot was happening at the house and I couldn’t wait to go up and shoot an update for you, including exterior work, railing, and a whole lot more.

Screenshot 2015-08-06 02.11.18

Here’s a little video tour of progression at the #staggreno (follow along on instagram):

video/editing: James Young

We have some really exciting things happening around here and I’m finally starting to feel as though after months and months of chaos, things are starting to calm and we are getting settled with life.  It feels good, like a deep breath of fresh mountain air after a winter’s day of inversion (if you’re here in Utah, you know what I’m talking about.  Think terrible bizarre pollution phenomenon). Soon I’ll share more about all the happenings lately, but for now I’m just enjoying a little more calm every day; something we desperately needed.

Also, a few of you on instagram asked about my chocolate chip cookie recipe after I posted a photo of our first baked good in the new house.  I’ve posted it before and boy, is it good.  Check it out HERE.

I love sharing this journey with all of you.  It feels like I’m telling all of my best friends all about our highs, lows, progress, and regression (more of that than we would like for sure).  Thank you for reading along.

I’ve got a lot of nitty gritty details on the house and every room to share and as we finish each space, I can post more about it on here.

Have a wonderful rest of your week– go make some cookies!


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  1. Can you share the color paint of your new white walls?