Happy Tuesday!  I sort of wish it was Friday with a jam-packed week ahead, but alas it is just Tuesday.  But Tuesdays are good for one thing around here: it’s the day I share a design I’m working on or some of my favorite design elements.

I recently wrapped up this living room e-design.  This client had hired me to design her kitchen, and asked me to move on to a few more rooms in her home, including her living room.  We wanted the home to flow nicely from one room to the next, yet feel distinct and individual.  I achieved this by pulling a few of the colors from the kitchen for the family room, and adding in a new one: navy.  Here is what I came up with.

rf living room design board

(I’m not posting all of the item details as this was a purchased e-design)

She had already purchased a few of the items: the couch, chair, and mirror above the fireplace.  I worked with those items to make the home feel like you can easily walk from one room to another and nothing feels jarring.

I want to just jump right inside the design board and stay awhile!  It’s so comfortable and easy feeling.

My summer e-design spots are starting to fill up.  If you’re interested in an e-design, email me at jen @ withheart.com if you’re interested!

PS: My Better Homes and Gardens feature is on newsstands now!  What an unexpected and happy surprise!  Page 8 in the June issue:)


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  1. Awesome Ideas. I like your decoration ideas and designs elements. It’s look like so beautiful.
    you r so creative..!