Remember when fashion was all “your belt must match your shoes” and “you can’t wear a gold ring with silver earrings and a bronze watch”?  It was the same with design.  If you went brass, you went all brass, down to every door knob, every pull, every light fixture.  If you went silver, or brushed nickel, every room was the same including every last fixture and piece of hardware.  Well just as in fashion, mixing metals is no longer faux pas.  In fact, I love a room with some variety. I think it adds texture and can look very sophisticated.  Here are some examples of mixed metals; mixing silver and gold in design.

gold kitchen hardware

Better Homes and Gardens

gold kitchen hardware 2


gold kitchen hardware 3


I just love it.  I think a key to doing it well is to make sure the gold isn’t too bright and shiny.  Same goes for the silver or brushed nickel.  I think if it’s too bright, it looks a bit unnatural.

As we’ve been plowing through our kitchen remodel, I’ve got fixtures on the brain.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite mixed metal finishing details and accessories.

mixing metals in design

Brushed Nickel Pendant | Gold Sconce | Mirror | Chandelier | Silver Lamp | Box | Sculptural Sphere | Mirrored Tray | Frame | Clock

Are you on board with mixing metals in design?

And for those of you who have asked, my bedside tables are back in stock!  They are my favorite furniture pieces in my bedroom.

Happy week of love!

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