Ruby’s Big Girl Room Gallery Wall (video)

There was no question a gallery wall needed to be in Ruby’s room.  We had one in her nursery and it was one of my favorite things– filled with sentimental photos and pieces of artwork.  Most of it carried over, but I mixed in a few new things and hung it while she was at preschool (with Anna’s help).  Here’s how I hung her big girl room gallery wall.

AQ3J5433   AQ3J5409

There are a lot of ways to hang a gallery wall.  You can cut out squares the size of each frame and tape them to the wall to space them out.  I have a 7-month old and a had a very small window of time to get this project done, ya’ll, so I went for the more organic approach.  Sometimes it’s the best way to get a wall that doesn’t look too forced.  Check-check-check-check it out.

video/editing: Romero Media


It feels so good to have her room completed so I can focus on holiday decor guilt-free.  It’s already in full force around here.  I usually wait until closer to Thanksgiving, or after, to set up Christmas but this year I just can’t wait.


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  1. You are very talented