Simple Faux Taxidermy (video)

Hi friends.  Well, this week hasn’t gone as I planned.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a couple posts about what the past 6 days have been like for me.

I threw up pretty much every day of my entire pregnancy with Ruby, but it was manageable.  Lately I’ve been dealing with exorcist levels of nausea with violent, non-stop vomiting.  I ended up in the hospital on Saturday getting fluids and iv-administered anti-nausea medicine and I thought I was turning the corner but it started right back up again that evening and I’ve been just trying to survive.  I’ve lost some weight that’s a bit concerning and my doctor gave me a different type of medication that so far is really helping.  I’m happy to report I didn’t wake up to throw-up once last night and kept my dinner down– it feels like I won the Superbowl!  I think I’ve now turned the corner and I can feel myself getting some strength back.  I apologize for the silence the past week but hopefully things are under control now.

Enough about that– let’s get on to today’s post!  Today I’m sharing a really easy project I did as part of the BHG Stylemaker Challenge: Simple Faux Taxidermy.

It’s no secret I love me some faux taxidermy.  It can sometimes be expensive, but this time of year is perfect for creating your own as holiday decor is in ample supply.  The first thing you need is a deer head.  I found this paper mache’ head at Michael’s and knew it would be perfect.  Here’s the project breakdown:

Video/Editing: James Young 

I can see this baby living in my home year round or adding a modern and fresh feel to holiday decor.

So load up on faux taxidermy!  You’ll find some great deals and a large selection.

Here’s feeling good and getting back to life for the rest of the week!



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