I doubt my daughter is the only child with a fascination with washing her hands.  She loves to turn on the faucet, hold her hands under the soap until I squirt some on, then rub her hands together under the running water.  So, when I spotted this sweet little stool at a thrift store for $5, I knew I had to refinish it for her bathroom.

stepstool 4

I could just picture her standing on it, or opening the cute little lid to store her bath supplies inside.

stepstool 5

The poor thing was coming apart a bit.  One of the treads, or steps, had come unglued and it had a lot of scratches.

stepstool 3

And obviously Ruby was already a fan.  She happily sat on it until we had to leave for swimming lessons.

stepstool 2

 Nothing super fancy about this project.  It was really simple.  I think my computer ate the process photos, but here is an explanation:  I started out by doing an entire coat of Zinnser Shellac Based Primer.  I’ve preached about this primer before.  I looooove it.  It is a must for any kind of pre-finished furniture with a coating finish (similar to IKEA).  After the primer coat was dry, I did the treads (steps) in the same color as the ceiling, a soft corally pink.  The rest I painted white.  I also used some wood glue to glue down the loose tread.  And voila!  The cutest step stool I ever did see.

IMG_0796 IMG_0802 IMG_0803 IMG_0804

We use the storage for overnight diapers so they are handy when she gets out of the bath.  It’s such a sweet addition to the room.


And coincidentally, I saw a similar step stool at the thrift store just yesterday, begging for someone to take it home.  Go find them, people.

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    • says

      Thanks Meredith! If you click on the hyperlink near the top of this post, I have all of the sources for the room in the bathroom reveal post. Thanks for reading!

  1. Elizabeth says

    It turned out great. I need to get busy on some refinishing projects and will definetely try that primer. For the final coats did you use a brush or a roller? Thanks, have a great weekend!

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