Tips for Chopping Down Trees (video)

I’ve mentioned before how many dead or overgrown trees we had at the new/old home.  We looked into how much it would cost to pay someone to take them out but quickly ruled that out.  Wow, is tree removal expensive– especially when you have a gazillion trees to remove.  We put our heads together and with my dear dad’s help, he and Jon were able to take out every single tree we needed to remove.


There are some big risks with cutting down trees.  Having a tree fall into your house, your neighbor’s house, or on someone or something are just a few.  But, there is a technique to cutting it down a certain way so that it falls exactly where you want it to go– and let me tell ya, we had some big guys to cut down.

Here are our tips for chopping down trees, in video, naturally:

Video/Editing: James Young

It felt so good to watch each and every one come down!  It has completely opened up the yard and our neighbors are saying “wow, we didn’t even know what the house looked like before!”

On another note, this baby will be here soon– eeeeek!  My body is saying it’s ready but my to-do list is saying it’s not.  But we’re making some great progress on the house this week, so that’s encouraging.

Have a great day!


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  1. What a useful video! Very informative


  2. These videos really make this process look a lot easier. We have a couple of trees in our backyard that are about 30 feet tall. One of them is completely dead and has been dropping a lot of branches all over the yard. I’m going to try to get them removed this weekend.

  3. Great Post and very informative video. I wish I had decent editing skills so I could produce a video like that.