Roll call– how is your MARCH MADNESS workout style going?  We’re almost halfway through the month, so here is a little kick in the pants to keep you on track.

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Here are five easy ways to burn some extra calories without even noticing.  Try to incorporate as many as possible into your daily schedule, and burn an extra 200-300 calories per day.  It’s easy, fun, and will even improve your day!

1.  Stretch for ten minutes each morning.  First thing out of bed in the morning, take a few minutes to rise and shine.  Breathe, go through a few sun salutations, or last month’s stretch routine.  You will be ready to meet your day and have a positive outlook.  Promise.

2.  Wherever you go, park far away.  Avoid those nasty door dings, and burn some extra calories.    All those extra steps add up, make them count!

3.  Use your work or lunch break and walk for 10-20 minutes.  Outside not an option?  Stairs work just as well.  Take a few flights and make your buns burn.

4.  Play with your kids or dog.  Take some time out of your day to play fetch with your dog.  Throw the baseball, play tag, shoot hoops.  What could be more fun?

5.  We all watch a little TV in the evenings, but you don’t have to sit on the couch while you watch.  This is a perfect time for sit-ups, push-ups, plank holds, and lunges.  It all adds up!

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