How to Clean Brass (video)

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I just love this time of year.  I spent all of yesterday taking care of a sick Ruby, which makes me so sad for her.  Nothing is worse than being sick during the holidays.  I’m hoping today she is on the mend because we have some fun activities planned for the rest of the week and I’d hate for her to miss them.

We’re also planning to start demo on the new/old house this week.  Next week I’m kicking off the home tour to show you all what it looks like before we change anything, and also our plans for the house.  It’s getting real around here!  It’s been quite a process getting to this point.  I’ll spill all the beans.

Ya’ll know I love shopping for and collecting vintage brass pieces but I’m also a germaphobe.  I like old things, but I want them to be clean like they’re new.  That requires cleaning brass, and that’s what I’m showing you today– how to clean brass.

This process works well for brass that is strong and durable.  I wouldn’t do it on brass that scratches easily.

Here we go, via video (by James Young)

Clean up those candlesticks just in time for Thanksgiving entertaining!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday.  I’m thankful for each and every one of you.



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