My man is one to be loved.  He is driven and passionate.  He has the kindest eyes, and best laugh lines.  My man has hands I love to hold and shoulders that fit my head perfectly.  He is a problem solver, a provider, a doer, a dreamer.  I’ve loved him since our first blind date, many years ago.  And I thought I knew how great our love was.  Then I watched him become a father.  I’ve watched him make Ruby giggle until she can hardly breathe.  I’ve watched him fiercely protect her, and worry himself sick.  He is the best of the best.  And now I know that this– our little family of three– is what true love is.

fathers day 3 fathers day 4 fathers day 2

Rubes, I can’t resist him either.

Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.  (And to all of you lovebirds out there.)

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