This month is proving to be ridiculously busy with several deadlines and unexpected opportunities.  It’s also a special month– Anna turns one next week!  I swear this last year has been one of the fastest of my life.  It seems like I just brought her home from the hospital and now she’s almost walking, cutting a mouth full of teeth, and growing up too fast for my liking.  I started the #staggsistersbythemonth hashtag on instagram in December to document how these little ladies change and grow every month.  I shared one on instagram, but this is a bigger sampling of the photos.

ssbm march ssbm march 4 ssbm march 3 ssbm march 2

Getting a decent shot of Anna lately is no easy task.  The second I put her down she is crawling at rapid fire straight for the edge of the bed.  And can you see those chompers?  Give me all the teething remedies, people.  Ruby was a pretty easy teether.  Anna, on the other hand, is miserable.  Poor girl is cutting four uppers all at the same time and she isn’t taking it well.  Send help.  Need sleep.

Ruby’s Dress | Anna’s Dress

Happy week of St. Patricks!


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  1. Van Nguyen says:

    My sister-in-law puts amber necklaces around her babies. It helps with pain when her girls teethe. Something like this necklace

  2. Oh my gosh, so so adorable!