A Sophisticated Family Room Design

Happy start to a new week!  We had a most productive weekend and finally finished organizing the rental (we can now park the car in the garage which was essentially like climbing Everest).  It’s amazing how having an organized home just makes me feel so much better.  We’re also super excited for some movement on the new house this week!  I’m so anxious I can hardly stand it.

I’ve been working on some designs for both local and e-design clients and put this one together as a mood board for a client re-finishing her family room.  Ultimately we moved in another direction for the color scheme but I love it so much, I wanted to share it with all of you.

I think purples are so sophisticated and make a room effortlessly feel high end.  The navy counter balances it and still gives it a masculine feel.

CH family room design board

Sofa | Chairs | Side Table | Rug | Pillows 1, 2, 3 | Coffee Table

That rug is one of my favorites.  It comes in several beautiful colors and I want to use it in my own home!

Would you use purple in your home?

*Sidenote: I’m filling up the rest of my winter’s e-design schedule. If you’re interested, email me at jen@withheart.com.


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  1. Grays and purples are my favorite colors and my favorite color combinations, so this board would definitely help me design a living room!

  2. Th purple you used is gorgeous. I’m usually not a purple person but this hue of purple I totally adore.